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Natore court asks police to file case against imo hackers

The court of Natore today urged police to prosecute criminals who took over accounts known as "imo" accounts of expatriates to steal large amounts of money. Natore Judicial Magistrate Senior Md Abu Sayeed issued the order in response to reports that were published in two major newspapers which include The Daily Star, and the television channel. The court also directed the officer in charge for Lalpur Police Station in Natore to file a report with it by September 22 before having filed the case, sources from the court told. The court also set the exact day to issue an order for the following one, sources claimed. In a conversation with our Natore correspondentin Natore, Liton Kumar Saha the superintendent of Natore police, told us that they will act after receiving the copy of the court's order. In the Daily Star report "Conned on 'imo'" released in August 31st, officers of the detective division (DB) of the police claimed that num